The Benefits of Wireless Broadband Access

Wireless broadband access is becoming more and more popular in Australia. And with good reason:

It's cheaper

Now that Australia has 3G Mobile networks, some ISPs can bundle wireless broadband access and home phone together. And because home phone calls made on a 3G network are cheaper than on conventional phone lines, your bundled phone and Internet bill is likely to be significantly less than you're currently paying for them separately.

It's simpler

Because a wireless broadband access modem doesn't require lots of cables, it's much simpler to install.

A broadband bundle also makes your monthly account-keeping a lot simpler, as you get your phone and internet charges on a single bill.

It's mobile

As its name implies, wireless broadband access doesn't use your phone line. Instead, it sends and receives data through the air, much as your mobile phone does. This means it's portable, around the home (Broadband At Home) and can be totally mobile if you use a USB modem in a laptop (Mobile Broadband plan). Make sure you call Customer Service first if you're moving house or plan to use Broadband at Home at a different address to the one you chose when you initially signed up.

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